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Merry Crimble!


May all of you have a very wonderful Christmas today…and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, just have an awesome day period.

One last tune for The X-Mas Files 2008, then I delete all this crap off my iPod for another year!


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The X-Mas Files 2008: And Goodwill to Men

I have now officially shit my pants TWICE in my adult life.

I’m gonna leave that there, although as is my wont, I am slightly tempted to reveal the story behind the second event, comfortable in the knowledge that frequent readers of my blogs over the years will remember my first pants-shitting episode from several years ago. It involved the Olive Garden and leaving dirty underpants in a mall bathroom.

Anyway! The vicious, fucking VICIOUS, goddamned SUPER VICIOUS stomach flu that has ravaged our home lo these past few days now FINALLY (cross fingers and toes) appears to be on its way sorta out; the kid’s had it, the wife’s had it, and now I’m on the tail end of it (again, crossed fingers here). It’s time to turn my attentions away from the horrors one’s body can produce when under the thrall of a particularly nasty virus and toward the spirit of giving and familial warmth that fuels this special season.

Or maybe I’ll shit my pants AGAIN, and go for the hat trick. We’ll see.


When I told my wife about this X-Mas track a few years ago, she didn’t believe it existed; this made me assume that “Snoopy’s Christmas” was some kind of Chicago regional thing, a stray holiday record that had lived on in the region while dying out elsewhere. Then I heard it on Orlando’s X-Mas station the other day, so it seems to be at least somewhat known nationally.

Pay close attention to the kickin’ little drum solo after the Red Baron shouts, “Merry Christmas, mein friend!” It’s my favorite part.

December 21, 2008 at 10:16 am 1 comment

The X-Mas Files 2008: Living in Paradise

So I get home Thursday evening to a vomiting festival, starring my daughter and with my wife as a featured player. We end up at the emergency room till 3 a.m. Friday morning tending to our poor, poor kid, who had been refusing to take water and thus had gotten dehydrated. Yesterday my daughter came back, but my wife was still out; I watched the kid and prayed to the Xmas gods that my own stomach would remain turmoil free.

Anyway. We need a little X-Mas, goddamnit, and who better to bring it than Ike & Tina Turner, in a reprise from The X-Mas Files 2007? Jingle all the way, indeed.

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The X-Mas Files 2008: The Rebel Jesus


It’s just late enough in the X-Mas season so that you’re really feeling it, but it’s still early enough that a slightly downer thinkpiece from Jackson Browne with the Chieftans really hits the spot. Not recommended after next Monday, unless you want to be pushed over the edge into anti-consumerist rage and burn your tree to the ground with the self-indulgent presents you bought still beneath it.

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The X-Mas Files 2008: Christmas Is All Around

The local Christmas music station has this number on high rotation, with no sense of irony whatsoever, even though it’s less a real “Christmas song” and more of a vicious, spot-on parody of shitty Christmas music.

Bill Nighy is a genius for many reasons. This nears the top of the list. If this video and vocal performance were all he had ever contributed to popular culture, he’d be an undisputable legend.

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The X-Mas Files 2008: A Righteous Classic

There’s Christmas songs that get played year after year on every “holiday home of the hits” in every major and minor metropolitan location around the globe.

Many of these are god-awful; some are pretty good, but man, they get tiring after the seventy-sixth listen.

Here’s one I never get tired of hearing–you can’t beat Chuck Berry, even on a seasonal cut. Sure, he likes watching girls make poopies, but he’s still a genius.

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The X-Mas Files 2008: Let’s Get Started

It’s the X-Mas season; in fact, it has been for like six months, even though X-Mas itself is still twenty days away. (Twenty days! I have nothing to give my mailman/dentist! He’s the same person! That’s weird!)

So it’s long overdue to crank up the ol’ iTunes and start spitting out my annual dose of good, bad, and ugly Christmas music.

Here’s one of the good ones–a live acoustic track by Dar Williams that tells a great little story with wit and insight.

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