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The Pop Geek (X-Mas) PopCast 4

Xmas songs I like, carefully arranged, taking no more than thirty minutes of your time.

This one’s longer, cause it’s Christmas, and that extra ten minutes or so of music is my gift…to YOU.

Also, there’s a track list and download link after the jump. Ho, ho, ho!



December 13, 2007 at 11:45 am Leave a comment

The X-Mas Files 2007: Day 1

My goal for the coming days is to post at least 30 Christmas songs, one at a time, up on this here blog. For our listening pleasure, I will also attempt at several points to mash them together into handy mp3s that can then be enjoyed in one long stretch.

Anyway, here’s where it starts. I heart Tom Petty.

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