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OHEMGEE! Lacey and Hok! Sittin’ in a tree!

Lacey and Hok from season three of So You Think You Can Dance are TOTALLY DATING!

Now if only Mary Martin and Mia Michaels would finally come out with their love connection…


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Seen it? Here’s a taste. It doesn’t taste quite like God, but I bet it’s close.

The bastard stepchild of American Idol and Fame, So You Think You Can Dance (or SYTYCDance as I like to abbreviate it) has somehow turned into a big smash stupid summer hit; this third season has trounced the competition on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I’ve read that this occurs in all demographics, but I find it hard to believe that it isn’t just a billion pre-pubescent girls tuning in and then lying about it to Nielsen; I know I watch it, but I’m pathetic, and you can almost hear the piercing squeals in your neighborhood every week as the male dancers make their entrances.

I have to confess; I was a big fan of season one, less so of season two, and now I’m about middled on the show here in season three. There was something sorta threadbare and desperate about the first season; it felt like what it is, which is an obvious attempt to cash in on Idol’s success with the dancing version of the show.

Now it feels like it’s gaining its own credibility as a show, and suddenly these weird and pretentious dancers and choreographers feel as though their “art” is being “justified” by “America,” and everyone crows about how glorious it all is and how this dance or that dance is “the most beautiful thing I’ve seen on TV, ever.” (actual quote)

Anyway. It’s still a fun way to waste a Wednesday night (or at least, it will be for another week or so, until next week’s finale and then next summer) but they need to get over themselves.

Except Mary Murphy. She’s perfect.

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