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The Boss @ The Bowl?

Rumors are a-flyin’ that Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band will play the halftime gig at the 2009 Super Bowl in Tampa, FL. (Just two hours away…maybe Clarence can crash at my place?)

This news…troubles me. Springsteen has always been one of the most ardent opponents of corporate-sponsored music; his tours have never been sponsored, and he’s resisted overtures from the biggest names in business to co-opt his tunes for television commercials.

I’m having a hard time understanding how his stance on this would jibe with playing a gig in the heart of the most-watched corporate sports event in the world. Does he play “Born in the U.S.A.,” which millions of beer-swilling red staters across the nation will misinterpret as a jingoistic anthem yet again, and croon on their couches while totally missing the point? What about “Born to Run,” a song about escaping the American reality, and not about achieving the American dream? If he sticks to his “hits,” what does that mean–“Hungry Heart”? “Dancing in the Dark”? “Streets of Philadelphia”?

What is it in Springsteen’s music or creative image that would have anything whatsoever to do with something as banal and wrong-headed as the Super Bowl halftime show?

I don’t begrudge the guy a victory lap; I’m sure from a personal perspective, there’s a billion reasons for the boys to load up their gear and play the biggest stage in the world on the biggest day in sports. Looking at Springsteen the Artist, though…I don’t get it.

(All that said, if the band were to play, say, some large outdoor free concert in conjunction with the game, I would still happily drive those two hours and attend, were it at all logistically feasible for me to do so. I’m not made of stone.)


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“A $300 million cinematic blockbuster in real time”

Roger Ebert has a great post about the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics on Friday night, and especially some useful background on their artistic director, Zhang Yimou.

It was a breathtaking artistic achievement, light years beyond what I would have expected from such a ceremony. I would embed some video, but NBC has been siccing corporate lawyers on YouTube all weekend, apparently, and their site doesn’t provide any embed links for their clips. Their NBC Encore section has a few good clips, but they’re long.

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“…and PRINT IT!”

In honor of absolutely nothing, a classic bit of lost audio from Lee Elia, former manager of the Chicago Cubs, going off on a bit of a clubhouse rant.


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