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For The Record: Prologue the First (NaNoWriMo 2008)

Cairo, Egypt
One Week Ago

The tightly-packed back alleys of Egypt’s signature city look nothing like a scene from Indiana Jones, but let’s pretend they do. Let’s imagine for a moment that instead of dank spider vines shooting off dingy metropolitan thoroughfares, all too similar to those in New York or London or Tokyo, the streets of Cairo are sand roads packed tight from the endless feet and tires traveling over them.

Let’s watch this woman, clad in a dark ensemble that makes her resemble a cat burglar from a comic book, dart in and out of these alleys as she is chased by four hulking stereotypes. Large men wearing turbans and carrying scimitars, their swords swing haphazardly from their belts as they run.

The woman carries a small brown parcel, roughly the dimensions of a vinyl record album. She clutches it tightly, precious cargo, but not too tight–she doesn’t want to break it.

She explodes into a quiet coffee shop. Tables overturn. Chairs topple over. Mugs shatter; liquid covers the floor.

Hot on her trail, the stereotypes burst in behind her. The guy in front slides a few feet in a puddle of coffee before crashing onto his ass. The second guy trips over the first guy. The third and fourth guys narrowly sidestep the pile-up.

The woman approaches a massive Air Mail box. She darts glances to her left and her right. She reveals a second package, identical in shape and size, resting behind the visible package. One is a decoy. The other is quite real. She opens the slot and drops her package in.

“Please, Mr. Postman,” she whispers breathlessly.

Clutching the fake to her chest, she waits a split second to catch the eye of the last remaining thug before she darts off again into the imaginary Cairo crowd.


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NaNoWriMo 2008: Introduction

Because I am insane, and also I’m insane, plus you’ve no doubt heard of my notorious insanity, I am participating again in National Novel Writing Month.

Simply put, it’s 50,000 words in 30 days. A really short novel. Maybe a novella, but don’t call it that to my face, or I’ll kick your privates.

I managed it in 2005, and even posted part of it online. It was called Blockbuster and it was about the struggle of a bloated, wealthy writer of populist sci-fi flicks to get back his mojo and write a sequel that’s due in 30 days. Someday, maybe I’ll finish editing that and do something with it.

But for now, this is my new baby, born of a phone call from pal Steve many years ago, and cultivated through several drafts of an aborted screenplay…

For The Record
An aging punk hipster DJ must unravel the web of mystery, murder, and lies surrounding a lost Beatles masterpiece. First-person, present-tense rock noir.

Once again, as kind of an incentive to keep kicking ass on it, I plan to post it in chunks as I write them to this blog. I may stop at some point, because I get sidetracked; I may fail completely in finishing this, in which case, let’s never speak of it again.

Right now, I’m excited, I’m about 4000 words in, and I’m ready for more. Let’s boogie. Anything you can do to guide me, goad me, cheer me on or bitch me out, please do. It is very much appreciated, as always.

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