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She’s Like A Bird

I would like to believe Nelly Furtado has greater depth than her latest music suggests.

(Is it weird, that I think that? Does anyone else think that? Does anyone give Nelly Furtado ANY brain activity whatsoever?)

When she first came onto the pop music scene, it was with her breakout single, “I’m Like A Bird.”

Crammed to the eyeballs with hooks, catchy and sweet, clever without being cloying–it was just about a perfect pop single.

Then she sorta vanished, for me at least, and the next thing I see is her on MTV doing her best Fergie skank impersonation.

I don’t begrudge her popularity, obviously, but my first thought was, “SELLOUT.” She’s actually Fergie II, in a sense; she recognizes she’s only got a few years left of looking legitimate in her slutty outfits, before it will require surgery and massive infusions of Botox to maintain a “sexy” image. So she made for the mad cash grab and recorded some slutty songs.

Then I heard “Say It Right,” and it sorta drew me in; the drum beats were hypnotic, and the vocal detached itself from the words, so that the whole affair gave the impression of a put-on, an act, a character Nelly Furtado has created for this album.

In the car today, I heard her latest single, which is one of those self-referential crapfests like Fergie’s…well, like everything Fergie’s put out, actually. There is of course a grand tradition in hip-hop to record these “I rock, and/or you suck” tracks, but when Fergie does it, it’s as though she’s singing those words because she LITERALLY IS INTERESTED IN NO TOPIC OTHER THAN HERSELF.

I sorta got that vibe from Nelly, but then I wondered: Is that sincere, or is this all a big put-on? And am I even considering the “put-on” theory because it has any basis in reality, or just because I would like to believe that the sharp woman who recorded “I’m Like A Bird” is still out there, and not subsumed beneath pounds of makeup and hair gel?


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