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Unmaking the Band

I genuinely like P.Diddy.

Whenever I see him, whether it’s on one of his several reality programs or on a red carpet or something, I enjoy hearing him speak. He seems to have a genuine sense of humor about himself, has a relatively down-to-earth personality, and is always busting chops.

Also, because DIDDY OBAMA BLOG.

Because I like P.Diddy, I watch Making the Band 4 every week, and because P.Diddy is good at making reality shows, it also happens to be a fun watch even when there’s little Diddy content.

But there’s always Diddy content, and you can tell he genuinely enjoys fucking shit up on his show. He seems to relish being the kind of “character” who can walk into a room full of fresh-faced recording artists and mess up their lives with a couple words.

This week’s episode boasted a much-hyped “serious talk” between Diddy and the five members of his platinum-selling girl group, Danity Kane. In it, Diddy (SPOILER ALERT!) shitcanned Danity Kane’s resident diva skank, Aubrey.

What’s interesting is that the episode was pretty much normal until like the last ten minutes–the gang went down to Cabo and swam with dolphins and goofed off, and then all of a sudden, BAM–it’s meeting time and Diddy’s laying down the law. Also, this seemed to have been billed as the “season finale” for MTB4, but instead, the ten minutes of serious chat was apparently just a teaser for next week’s ACTUAL finale, which I’m hoping is just an hour solid of them bitching at each other around a conference table at Bad Boy.

Diddy made some comment to the effect of, “You’ve lived part of your lives on camera, and you’ve lived part of your lives…off camera.” The suggestion was that the girls were all playing roles for the film crews, and then existing in an entirely separate universe when the cameras were off. In that universe, I guess they hate each other.

It was sorta fascinating to watch–you could see Diddy chipping away quietly at the girls’ defenses, seeking not the heightened and glossy versions of these people that we see every week on MTV, but the real women underneath it all, and where they were at regarding the business enterprise that is Danity Kane. It’s always rare to get “reality” from your “reality TV”; rarer still is the determination of a pop star like Diddy to scratch away the thin veneer of showbiz that coats any reality series after mere moments on the airwaves.


October 9, 2008 at 5:39 pm 1 comment

The Hills: Sylist

Yes, reality fans: The biggest takeaway I got from my first episode of The Hills is that their proofreader is as stupid as the show’s “stars,” because they actually let a misspelling make the show’s captions.

Oh, and there was much snide commentary, which had my wife literally ROLLING on the FLOOR laughing her ASS off, but I can’t remember any of it.

Here’s one: It’s funny that Heidi thinks Spencer is her soulmate…don’t you need a SOUL to be someone’s soulmate?

As we noted in our non-stop laff fest last night, Lauren has to be one of the most uptight and unhappy rich girls in Hollywood with their own wildly successful TV show where all they have to do is be their uptight, unhappy selves. What does she have to pout about? Nothing, that’s what. Yet there she is, always looking like someone just farted in her face.

Lighten UP. You get lots of money for nothing and make your own shitty clothes. Things could be WORSE.

You could be, for example, Lisa Love. I think she’s my favorite character on the show–a shriveled crone who has clearly been worn down to a nub by her years in entertainment and fashion journalism. I love it when she talks to Whitney like being on the editorial staff at Teen Vogue is some kind of noble calling, and you can’t let your standards slip for a SECOND, even when the mildly cute boys in a marginally successful band (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? Are you fucking serious?) invite you to have a drink the night before a photo shoot! You must uphold your high journalistic integrity when coordinating a glorified paid advertisement for a brand of jeans!

I’m gonna catch hell for saying this, but I think Lisa Love’s face looks like a vagina. She has also gone and written herself a bitchin’ Wikipedia page.

September 27, 2007 at 1:45 pm 2 comments

The Hills: This is gonna hurt.

My good friend and frequent commenter Sarah has asked if I will watch and review The Hills on MTV.

I literally find this show so excruciatingly painful to watch that I have been known to whimper on the couch, pleading with my wife to change the channel. I curl into a position best described as “fetal” and welp like an abandoned wolf cub.

I fucking hate those people.

However, I love my vast readership, and I love my wife. For those reasons, I think I will give this Hills thing a try.

Fair warning, however: It’s not gonna be pretty. Then again, neither is Team Heidi.



September 21, 2007 at 9:41 am 2 comments


I would, of course, be remiss if I didn’t include an obligatory, brief commentary on the VMAs last night.

At the Pop Geek household, we watched Britney and Sarah Silverman and were shocked at how awful the show was–this after Entertainment Weekly ran that big article about how the VMAs were getting a makeover.

Things did get better, tho–we fast forwarded through most of the rest and saw a few good performances. That Chris Brown kid, the rapper/dancer who performed with Rhianna, was AWESOME. He did what Britney should have done–blew the roof off the joint.

I was also quite into the little bit they showed of the Foo Fighters/Cee-Lo jam out; is that a song, does anyone know, or was it just like crazy rock soul improv? Cee-Lo ranks among my favorite people on this planet and I loves me the Gnarls Barkley.

Britney was SAD. Just weird sad. And Silverman BOMBED–I thought she was funny? I recall liking some of the comedy I’ve heard from her in the past but last night was awful. Like career suicide awful. It wasn’t edgy and funny–just like she was trying to be edgy and funny but the material was C-grade.

There was one particular moment of silence during her set that was EXCRUCIATING. Worth seeking out if you are into bad TV.

What’s that stale, moldy smell? Must be MTV’s edge and credibility, continuing to decay. When you have Justin Timberlake of all people complaining that you don’t play enough videos, you are doing something WRONG.

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