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Work Tales: In The Shitter

The mens’ rooms here in the building are pretty standard–two urinals, two stalls. One stall regular-style; the other is handicapped.

When you close the doors to the stalls, there’s an open space between the door itself and the slab of plywood that holds up the door. I guess you might characterize this space as unduly large.

Someone in this building is so disturbed by this open space, and the view it allows to the activities of shitting and pissing taking place inside the stall, that this person regularly hangs strands of toilet paper down from the top of the space to the floor as a homemade block to any unwanted eyes.

This person not only hangs these pieces of toilet paper, but each day, the cleaning crew comes in and removes the toilet paper, and he REHANGS THE PAPER.

This is a man so obsessed with leaving his genitals and ass unexposed in the mens’ room that he takes time every day to eliminate even the tiniest sliver of a view into his privates.

That’s insane. I’m not saying I want guys watching me shit, but this is ridiculous.


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Living Online

Fellow Alert Nerd, online pal, and bearded wonder Jeff posted over at his excellent home blog on the lines we draw between our various selves, and why those lines exist, and how they complicate…well, everything.

I tossed down a beefy comment over there that I thought might prompt some interesting discussion over here too, so I’m stealing his general idea and throwing it back up to my own meager audience of romantic thugs, demented vagrants, and Dora the Explorer fetishists.

What it boils down to is this: How do you live online, and why?


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