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Building the Perfect Artoo

I brought Artoo home yesterday.

My new black iPod. A 160GB Classic. I got one of the last ones at the Best Buy I hit; I had to drive out to a slightly inconvenient Best Buy because the 2-3 Best Buys closest to me had already sold out. I was also able to snag a decent case for well over 50% off.

I spent the better part of yesterday and this morning loading up my tunes, and so now it’s time for the true finesse moves: The creation of an abundance of playlists, smart and otherwise, to customize my iPod experience to the fullest.

I start with a handful of basics: I have an auto-updating “*****” smart playlist, for a quick and easy set of songs I know I will want to hear over and over. These tend toward the uptempo because it’s rare I put on my iPod in the car or at work and say, “I need a meandering melancholy ballad, STAT.” As I rate songs *****, they automatically appear in that playlist. This is easily the place I go most often when flipping on my iPod.

Similarly, I have a “****” playlist, for four-star tunes. These are usually songs I like and/or love, but they don’t quite give me the kick that a five-star song does. Usually my favorite mid-tempo and ballads are in this list.

“The Creme” is a smart playlist with BOTH the four- and five-star songs, for when I want to explore a longer playlist of songs I know I like/love, but I’m not picky about tempo or pacing.

I plan to implement a “WPOD Radio” set-up on this iPod too. I read about this one online; basically, you set up smart playlists for three-, four-, and five-star songs, and then create a fourth playlist that draws in a certain number of tunes from each list, up to a maximum number of your choosing. For example, I could get a playlist that has 25 songs, or alternately, no more than a half-hour of music…ten songs that are *****, eight songs that are ****, and seven songs that are ***. The songs could then be set to disappear from the list after one play, so the playlist is a constantly rotating collection of songs I like and love, but I don’t keep hearing the same ones over and over. (Maybe I should do this with my Creme playlist and get rid of the separate WPOD Radio list? Hmm.)

I have a few other playlists that are more manually created that I’d like to keep up–a “live” list that’s all the live stuff I have, for like an endless crazy concert of artists I love; a “covers” list that’s all just covers, an “instrumentals” list for pop/rock instrumental tracks, etc. I also do lists for boxed sets where the discs each have separate names for each album, and though I try to keep my id3 tags pure enough so that all the artists are pretty tightly grouped, I sometimes do a big fat “EC Everything” list, say, for all the Elvis Costello stuff, since I know there’s some stray bits with different artist names that are still EC related.

And that’s a window into my anal-retentive music geek mind. Flee in terror.


September 21, 2008 at 4:11 pm 2 comments

Gadget Lust Unchecked

Is it wrong that I really want one of these?

I suppose it’s probably not WRONG, per se; it’s really only wrong to want things that will cause harm to others, like the death of Chad Michael Murray so that our house can return to some semblance of order and calm.

That’s the 160GB model of the Classic, right there. Fellow nerds may recognize it as the model that Steve Jobs basically staked through the heart in his Jobsnote on Tuesday.

I wouldn’t say there’s been a crazy run on the things, since I still see them available at Amazon and the Apple Store…but once they’re gone, they’re gone. The only Classic being sold at that point will be the 120GB model.

Big deal, right? 40GB?

Except that right now, as it stands, my ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION would fit just…about…perfectly onto a 160GB iPod. Maybe even with a little room to expand.

This is my dream: Every song I own, the ones I love and the ones I hate and the ones I’ve never really heard, in the palm of my hand.

Santa Claus has put a bug in my ear that maybe–just maybe–even though it’s a bit of an outrageous expense, I could might get such a device for Christmas. Except they may be GONE by Christmas.

So there you have it. Or something.

I’m busy, and tired, and a little burned out.

September 11, 2008 at 12:14 pm 3 comments


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