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Oh, Taylor.

My pal Jeff may have a point; there was a time when I was a bit gay for Taylor Hicks.

Now, though…oh, how the mighty have fallen:

The soul singer, who claimed the “Idol” title in 2006, has apparently been dropped by J Records, a label within Sony-BMG, which signs the show’s singers.

I stole his album back when it came out (yep, walked right into a Best Buy, stuffed it down my pants, and ran right out past the sensors; FUCK YOU, RIAA) and I recall not minding it. The first single had potential. Problem was, they took his neo-soul sound and mapped it onto the electronic bleeps and blips that most pop hits are required to execute.

You stopped reading after I typed “Taylor Hicks,” didn’t you.


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Oh, Gordon.

I’ve made no secret of my love for Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay, and his uniquely evil style of nurturing and degrading mentoring.

Though Hell’s Kitchen last season ended months ago, Gordon’s gone right ahead and reentered my living room with Kitchen Nightmares, which has quietly become one of my favorite hours of television every week.

On Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon ventures forth from the comfy confines of the restaurant/studio where he tortures young chefs and visits actual restaurants in desperate trouble. Each episode begins with Gordon suffering his way through a meal at said establishment, during which he complains loudly and occasionally even vomits.

Then, it’s Ramsay time, and you had better just get OUT of this guy’s way, because he’s here to help you save your restaurant, not coddle you or massage your ego. Most of the time, the proprietors of these establishments react about as poorly as you’d expect someone to react to a limey bastard showing up and criticizing their life’s dream.

Eventually, they come around, and it’s all quite heartwarming. But you KNOW that’s not the good stuff.

No, the good stuff is when Gordon finds meat in the freezer so spoiled that it could kill the patrons, or when he runs after a line chef who routinely steals leftovers and wine from a restaurant losing money hand over fist.

Here. Have a taste.

November 29, 2007 at 10:47 am 2 comments

Bauer’s down! Somebody call a bus!

The first truly painful casualty of the WGA strike has come, with Fox’s whackadoo action drama 24 indefinitely removed from their schedule.

If I had to guess, I’d bet Lost over at ABC isn’t far behind. Too bad–those two are appointment television in our house.

Then again, as the strike wears on, I’m also betting we’ll have lots more time to read and play board games, in general, cause pretty much EVERY show is gonna go bye-bye.

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OHEMGEE! Lacey and Hok! Sittin’ in a tree!

Lacey and Hok from season three of So You Think You Can Dance are TOTALLY DATING!

Now if only Mary Martin and Mia Michaels would finally come out with their love connection…

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