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Grammy Jammy

I watched about 30-45 minutes of the Grammys last night, whilst reading and as my wife clicked between the BAFTAs and the Grammys. This made for some confusion when we noticed Cuba Gooding, Jr. introducing Amy Winehouse, after just a few moments before presenting at the BAFTAs…but of course, the BAFTAs took place Saturday night, in Britain. Or something. Anyway.

A few notes:

–I understand Sir George Martin waved Ringo Starr in front of him when he went up to get his Grammy for the soundtrack to that Weird French Circus Show, Love, but it still felt like Ringo had to upstage Martin…yet again. It seems like the Fabs are constantly downplaying the contribution of George Martin to their sound, their records, and their overall greatness, as if it somehow diminishes their absolute brilliance that they had a PRODUCER. Martin’s gotta be nearing death; it’s time to be gracious and give him the accolades he’s earned. Let the old boy accept a damn Grammy on his own, with his son, and get a standing ovation, by himself, for his work. Jeez.

–Jason Bateman introducing the odd “My Grammy Moment” contestants was just unbelievably funny. Of course a cello is “a violin with a thyroid problem.” OF COURSE.

–Is it weird that I like the fact that Kanye West is kind of an asshole? He doesn’t seem really apologetic about it, either. I really don’t believe his ego trips are calculated strategy or a “character” he plays; I think he really is that big of a jerk, and I’m glad for it. Pop music today needs more unrepentant dickhead geniuses.

–For those who missed it, here’s Amy Winehouse. I wasn’t quite prepared for the extent to which she dominated the evening; it seems a bit late, but I’m glad the USA is finally embracing her as somewhat of a rare talent. I hope she gets her shit together.


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