Every blog is prone to an awkward introductory period between reader and writer, not unlike the anxious early moments of a blind date.

“Hi! I’m, um, Matt.”
“Hey! I’m a reader.”
“Oh yeah? You like to read?”
“Uh, sure.”

Then the uncomfy silence hits.

In an effort to stave off your discomfort, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Matt. I’ll be writing this. I’m 31 years old and live in Orlando, FL with my lovely wife and a perfect kid. I want to be a writer, but instead, I do PR.

It makes me weep to type that last sentence.

Anywho! I have been obsessed with all dimensions of popular culture since an early age. Before I could crap in a toilet, I was quoting Ed McMahon and the legendary Johnny Olsen on The Price Is Right (“A new car!”). I lived most of my life in Chicago and eventually married a beautiful Irish lass from the hinterlands of Florida. We moved to California in July 2004 and then to Jamlando in 2006.

I’ve been gainfully employed as an entertainment journalist since 1998, both full-time and freelance, for publications as varied as Consumers Digest and the Official Buffy Magazine. I currently blog about geeky stuff at Alert Nerd and have released my first novel through my own damned publishing company, Alert Nerd Press. Writing is my passion…the ceramic clowns are my hobby.

So there you go! We’ve met. We’re like friends now. Can I borrow some money?

No? Okay then. Thanks anyway.


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